pretty illustrations

i've been so inspired by illustration lately.
it's something that i've always wanted to be really good at.
i've never given it a "good shot".
i do some sketches and watercolors every so often,
but i've never sat down to really master it.
maybe it'll be my summer goal.

these are the latest beauties that i've found.
notice the forest creatures theme?
i must subconsciously LOVE them ;)

Sarah McNeil of Wellington, New Zealand

charmaine olivia from san francisco

via kelli murray's blog

Emma Fourie (Spirit Guides Collection)

via but honestly

loveliness, right?
i'm so amazing and impressed with the amount of gorgeous artists are out there.
people's creativity is endless, really.

well, i'd better get back to work now ;)

happy wednesday everyone!



  1. I love the dear in socks, so brilliant!

  2. gosh-a-roonie!
    These are sooo beautiful! I'm totally bookmarking this post! :D

  3. the illustration of the little girl is so cute! i love your new header!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. woww these illustrations are amazing. i love how they're all so delicate and sweet. p.s. i derno if i said this already, but your blog is thee cutest! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  5. They're all so gorgeous! I love the third one. :)

  6. They are certainly stunning!

    And yes, I certainly get inspired by these illustrations, they add a new spark to everything I do and wear and buy!

    Art like this is always an inspiration.


  7. oh Christen, i'm completely with you. illustrated works gives me the joys!!! the ones you've shared are all beautiful and love the woodland creatures too; darling to see today. thank you! ♥

  8. They're all lovely, I wish I could draw!

  9. So beautiful!


  10. These are amazing! I think my favorite one would have to be of the little ballerina. I just love how soft and light it is.

  11. I want to see your work Christen! These illustrations are great. I love watercolor but I don't feel good at it at all yet. It's still so fun.

    I should draw so much more. That's about the only thing that I have ever done well. Send me your address. I just thought of something.

  12. ahh all of these are so great! I can't draw at all and always wished that I could so no fair. If you don't know her work, check out Carson Ellis--her drawings are especially amazing and some of my favorites :)

  13. Oh wow! The Spirit Guides collection was drawn by one of my best friends! She will be so happy you have featured her work. Especially along side such other wonderful talent :)

  14. Hiya! I love your collections of illustrations here, the woodland creatures are adorable :)

  15. I've just come across your blog & I love it! Definately a new follower :)

    These images are so beautiful, I adore the one of the little girl!