Beehive Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Alright friends, today's tutorial is one of my favorite "go to" hairstyles.
It's fairly simple, but adds something a little sweet and special to an everyday ponytail.
I love the way this looks with a casual outfit, but it also looks perfect with a fancy outfit ;)

You can make the bump as big or small as you'd like.
I decided to go a bit smaller due to, well honestly...weak bobby pins ;)

I used a lovely turban DIY video I found via Lune Vintage.
My new favorite is Moroccan Princess.

Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial!
Give it a go...try something new today ;)


  1. Your hair looks so cute! And I love that video! I have never seen it before, thanks for sharing!

  2. Ok can I just tell u that the bobby pins on this country have been one of my pet peeves since moving here!! Canadian bobby pins are awesome!! I make sure to get a pack of "Goodys" when I go home! =)

  3. Thank you for sharing this. Really awesome. Might try this later. =)


  4. great tutorial and the Moroccan princess is my favorite too, it's quick, easy and looks amazing

  5. Wow I'm so jealous of your hair! Looks gorgeous!

  6. WAY CUTE! I love hair tutorials.
    And you? You are GORGEOUS!

  7. I love this tutorial! And I love this video from Lune, too - so cool!

  8. Great tips! Thanks for this tutorial. This type of hairstyle looks great on you.

  9. love this look! i love how detailed the photos are! really helps

    love from San Francisco,

  10. I'm so bad with hair, I totally need these tutorials of yours! Thanks for sharing :)

    I did a turban tutorial 3 ways last year too... I love hers too :)

    Have a happy week my dear!!

    Virginie ♥

  11. I like your hairspray face!!! New follower here x

  12. you are the cutest! i love this tutorial...it doesn't hurt that you have amazing hair! and even though i don't, i think i still need to try this!

  13. That is SO cute and looks really sofisticated too, you're very good at styling your hair! I kind of suck at it, so this is very helpful! :)