Feels Like Home

I'm learning to appreciate the special little things about our place.
It's finally sinking in that we'll be leaving here in a few shorts months.
We've lived in this apartment ever since we got married over 2 years ago.
There's something so sweet and sentimental about your first place together as husband & wife.

I remember when we first found this place.
We walked in to a dirty little place with smoke-stained walls, stained carpet,
and a stench coming from the freezer from Lord only knows what!
The first thing I said when I saw this place was, "I am NOT living here!"
We had a few friends in the building who had done their place up really cute,
but I was convinced that this particular apartment was beyond repair.

But being the trusting then-fiance that I was, I agreed to the move.
Next thing I knew we were ripping up the carpet and seeing the freshly painted walls.
As for the stinky ol' fridge...my friend was gracious enough to clean it out like crazy until it was like new!
We moved in a few weeks later, and it was like a completely different place.
And when we started putting our things in their rightful place, it started to feel like home.

Painting by my husband,  wooden frames from UO, homemade 'Love Never Fails' map was inspired by the lovely Skye Teal's room!

As excited as I am about our trip to New Zealand, I know our time here in Indiana will go by too fast.
So for the next couple months I'll be learning to slow down
and appreciate all the little details we've created to make this place our home.


  1. You two have an adorable place! My husband and I are moving out of our first home together, as well, in October. It's a sad but exciting feeling! Have fun in New Zealand!

  2. Cutest bedroom decor.


  3. I love this! I wish I was as decorating-savvy as you two are. :)

  4. love your room really cute!

  5. Lovely!!! so exciting about your move! we are moving too! but only down the street :)

  6. I love the map as canvas idea, my boyfriend loves maps so I can't do this to one of his though haha <3

    The Flight of Fancy

  7. If the room is anything like the rest of the apartment, then it must be very well decorated! Good luck to you in your new place! :)

  8. You're coming to New Zealand?! Where about in the country will you be living?

    1. We'll be living up in Whangaparaoa for a bit. We plan to do some traveling/camping as much as possible though!
      And we usually spend a lot of time in Auckland, since that's where my sister and her husband will be living. Do you live in that area? It would be fun to meet up!

  9. wow, I loved reading this..... your house look so gorgeous! I wish I had a house of my own to decorate xxxxx


  10. Beautiful beautiful place - I really love the colours and all the little details. Also, great painting by your husband! I'm just about to move into my first apartment ever and I'm pretty darned excited - these pictures are inspiring for decor options!!


  11. It definitely looks as though you turned it around in the end! Such a sweet little room.

  12. beautiful photos; i adore the handmade map piece, i'll definitely be having a go at this :)xo

  13. Hello!
    I just found your blog!
    I love it!!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago too.I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it.
    Thank you!!!


  14. I live in Hamilton so not too far away :) Yes! We should do coffee or something!

  15. I for one, am so excited to follow your blog posts and photos as you travel to New Zealand...so I can live vicariously through you. Always wanted to go there!!

  16. wow this is so inspiring. what a beautiful place in your house!

  17. your place is so beautiful. i know what you mean about faling in love with where you live, but you will love your new place too! its a nice fresh start :) i just moved recently and felt the exact same way,

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  18. SUCH a pretty room! :) all those prints are so pretty, especially the one with the flowers! loooove it!

  19. You've really transformed your apartment into quite a darling and peaceful place. I love all the special little touches and details. It reminds me of our first apartment - smelly rug, rusty counters, etc - it's amazing what some paint, decorating, and cleaning up will do. You've done a beautiful job with it! xx

  20. good gosh, i would never want to leave that darling room....EVER! you did such a rad job decorating it and filling in the finest touches. i adore your taste and the soft color palette. lovely as can be, especially after hearing about how far its come.

    um, wow!! new blog design really is great too! i really dig how the looks coincide together so nicely. ♥

  21. Yay for NZ! I've just moved to Auckland :) You've picked the best time of year to move over :)