Little & Friday

Kylie and I went on a double date to the cutest little cafe!
It's called Little & Friday. Man, is it good. Seriously.
The coffee and donuts were amazing!
Kylie and Matt had discovered their donuts at a little pop-up shop last weekend.
They immediately offered to take us to the actual L&F location. It's so cute!

It's a little cafe tucked away in a fabric shop.
They have 2 long tables set up, so it kind of feels like a big communal hangout.
We chatted with a cute lady from Ireland who was just the sweetest!
If you're in the Auckland area, I highly recommend this place.

**For those of you wanting to visit, there's a location in Newmarket (which is this one), and one in Belmont (near Takapuna)**

Well Tim & I leave for our big South Island trip today! We leave for the airport in about an hour.
Hopefully I'll be able to update a couple times while we're on the road!

Don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple Giveaway.
I'll be drawing a winner at the end of the month when I'm back from my travels.


  1. you and your sister are the cutest :)

  2. what am I going to do without you for 10 days? Let's meet up at the Takapuna l&f when you return :)
    it'll just be another chance to eat delicious treats together!!

  3. Coffee and donuts... this sounds like the quaintest little outing. Love your photos, plus you can work that style of hat so well! :) I hope your trip to the South Island is fantastic!


  4. CUTE! I love your outfit. You and sister as too adorable :)



  5. I love going to little gems like these cafes. Looks like it would be a really sweet cafe. Neat photos!

  6. My friend who lives in Aucks talks about this little cafe all the time. I need to check it out!

  7. I can't help but love that you four are all together and spending so much time together! Yay for NZ!

    You look soooo cute and this place sounds delicious :)

    Have a great week!

    Virginie xo

  8. It looks super cute! I love discovering new little places like that.

    xo Jennifer


  9. One of my fave things about NZ is all the cute little coffee shops and amazing quirky giftware places. Naturally I've forgotten the names of all the ones I've visited, but I'm sure you'll discover your own.

  10. Woah, most beautiful hair ever!

  11. What a lovely cafe! Hope I'll be able to visit it someday when I head to Auckland next year :)

    I'm currently in Motueka (north of south island). If you do drop by, maybe we can meet up :)

    Melissa Newton

  12. How long will you be in New Zealand for???? I love seeing bloggers in my home town :D
    Britney - Lemonwood and Honey

  13. I LOVE LITTLE AND FRIDAY!!! Everything about it is amazing :)