Our Healthy Treat

Tim and I went out for a little smoothie date the other day. We've been trying to work out and eat healthier lately, so smoothies and juices have kind of been our thing recently. We usually go to our YMCA for a little work out and then head to our local juice bar, Roots, for a treat. It's kind of amazing and I would love a juice from there every single day. Oh, and I plan on stealing that little white chair ;) I find that having a workout routine and sticking to it is a huge motivator for us. Have any of you got a workout/diet routine that you stick to? 


  1. oh yummy those smoothies look so good! that place seems amazing!

  2. those look amazing!!!! :)))

    stop by,

  3. Oh I'm awful at sticking to a routine workout :/ I really would love to get better - it's one of my goals this year! Even if I just do something for a couple minutes a day, just getting into the habit of it is all I want lol
    This place looks SO good - wish we had one of those around here!

  4. smoothie rocks the world<33