To My Sweet Little Fella

Well, kid. You're doing a great job growing and moving around. My favorite moments this week have been feeling your sweet little kicks when we were at a show and you going from being still to kicking around after I started talking to you, telling you I love you, late one night in bed. Your dad has been able to feel you lots too. It's so special to feel you in there, growing stronger everyday. You've really stolen our hearts already. It's hard to think about anything else than getting to meet you in April. Even in the midst of finals and backaches and head colds, it's all worth it as long as you're happy and healthy in there. We love you, sweetheart.


  1. I can only imagine the joy and excitement! :)

  2. Thanks to you that free people kimono is now sitting in my cart. Lol!
    And super cute baby bump!

  3. This kimono is amazing, perfectly suit to you!
    Your writing is magic! ^_^


  4. perfect bump outfit!! <3 <3
    can't wait to meet that little guy.

    aaaaand...I'm tearing up a bit.

  5. *goes to blog tab, clicks twohappyhearts* OMG where have I been?! congratulations to you and yours!