Free People Beauty

I realized that I put together this post last summer that I never actually published! It was during my last week of my photo internship at Free People. I've loved having the opportunity to finish school this year and work at the Wicker Park store, but I'm planning on being back in Philly as soon as possible. You just can't beat that home office!

[Originally written August 1, 2014] I think it goes without saying that the Free People home office is one of the most inspiring places ever. Everywhere you look, there’s beautiful product being dreamed up and designed. For me, it’s interesting to get into the world of the ladies and gentlemen who are the heartbeat behind such an inspiring company. This week, I walked around and snapped some photos of desk spaces and nooks. I love how there’s fabric swatches and photos and inspiration boards up everywhere! There is definitely no shortage of beautiful things around this home office I get to call mine for the summer.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous! This place looks so so so inspiring! It's breath taking! <3 <3 <3

  2. Beautiful!

    What an inspire space to work in.

  3. Ah it's so gorgeous! I actually just found out (like 2 hours ago) that I was offered one of this summers internships, I'm beyond excited! Maybe I'll see you in philly :)

  4. gah! So dreamy! It makes me both excited for the future and also just super excited for Summer time!