Humboldt House

A few of the girls that I work with at Free People told me about this amazing shop called Humboldt House. I decided to check it out last week, and oh man what a gem it is! It's beautifully curated with jewelry, textiles, art, and furniture. It reminded me of Moon & Arrow, my favorite shop in Philadelphia. I love finding amazing stores like these, hidden around town. I know there are a few places in Wicker Park I want to explore. It's snowing in Chicago today, so maybe Tim and I will bundle up, get some warm drinks, and explore. Or maybe we'll just stay cuddled up in our warm apartment, finishing our Harry Potter-reading marathon ;)


  1. This shop looks amazing! I absolutely love the rugs. I'm kinda wishing for some snow (as long as it's on the weekend haha). Send some over to the UK! ;)
    Have a great week!
    xo April Everyday

  2. You work in Free People? wow! My new post is about FP ;) !
    By the way, this place is magic <3