Hello, Sunshine

Jacket, shirt, boots: Free People | Hat & necklaces: Thrifted

It's finally warming up in Chicago! Hooray, hooray! It was so nice to just throw on a t-shirt and light jacket and walk around the neighborhood. Tim and I are counting down the days until our sisters get in town. His sister arrives on Monday from Madagascar, and my sister arrives on Tuesday from New Zealand. Our little boy is gonna have both his aunties in town when he's born! Pretty special. We'll be getting ready for the baby shower this week. That means lots of crafting and baking for us girls! I'm so excited to get all our friends & family together to celebrate our boy. 


  1. I'm so glad your and your husband's sisters will get to be with you for your baby's birth! That is so special! You look so pretty, and glowing. Have a fun baby shower!