The 52 Project: a portrait series of my son, once a week in 2016 

I feel like these two images capture what life is like for us lately - wrestling a messy little boy who is always looking for adventure. Even at home, Max is always on the move. He is forever trying to discover new places to play. He is curious about everything. When I'm doing dishes, there he is, crawling up to figure out how the dishwasher works. Or, much to our dismay, he loves seeing how his diaper pail opens and closes. But when he's just woken up from a nap, he is happy to let me cuddle him and kiss him a million times while I read his favorite books. And as the day is winding down, he is always sure to make me laugh by making big splashes in the bathtub. Our new ritual is to throw his towel in the dryer so that its warm by the time he gets out. I want to do little thoughtful things like that for him as much as possible. I want him to remember these loving, thoughtful moments from his childhood. I want him to always remember the kisses and cuddles and I love yous and warm towels and bedtime stories. I want these things to be a lifelong reminder of how much we love him. 

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  1. That's seriously really sweet. He'll surely remember that. Also, his cheeks!