First Snow - 3/52

The 52 Project: a portrait series of my son, once a week in 2016 

I was afraid I wouldn't be there with Max when he saw snow for the first time. The other day, the winds were frigid and there were flurries in the forecast. I was at work, praying the snow wouldn't come. Thankfully it only came that night after Max was fast asleep. But this afternoon, right as we were setting out for a walk, white flurries quickly covered the ground. Max sat there in his stroller, staring up at the sky. I was so thankful to be there in that moment to see the wonder in his eyes. We walked around the neighborhood, with Max bundled up and looking around the entire time. It was a very special afternoon and I'm thankful I grabbed my camera to capture it. Thanks again, 52 Project. 

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