The 52 Project: a portrait series of my son, once a week in 2016 

I wrote this a bit ago and thought I'd share:
"Late at night, long after you've fallen asleep in my arms, I study your perfect features. The same features I stared at for hours when you were just a blur of a boy, still forming in my stomach. The same button nose and perfect lips. My forever dream boy."

My favorite thing is hearing Max stir, right as he's waking up from a nap. I usually walk into his room to this scene - wispy bedhead and a little toothy grin. He is so happy to see me, every single time. I pick him up and he is so cute and cuddly. I usually sneak a kiss or two, before he realizes he wants to be put down and play with all his toys. I love these simple moments with my little sunshine. 

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