It's funny to think of what life was like before Max. He is such a part of us, such a perfect extension of our family. It's hard to remember what we did before we shared our life with this precious boy. Our days together are simple. Running to the grocery store for snacks or driving to the thrift store to wander through racks of perfectly worn-in clothes. Mostly, though, we sit on the floor of our apartment and build Lego towers and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear for the 1,000th time. These quiet, normal moments are the most wonderful. They are the moments I know we will treasure when Max is all grown up. As parents, it is easy to get tired and worn out with the day-to-day. There are some days when putting Max down for a nap is an hour-long battle. Sometimes I get thrown up on after putting my favorite sweater on. But then sometimes I do something that makes Max crack up laughing (and then I do that thing a hundred more times in a row). And sometimes, out of nowhere, he will plant a big sloppy kiss right on my lips. Yes, there are hard and tiring moments mixed in with the perfect ones. But we are learning to laugh and not stress about the "hard" times. Because, really, all these moments are precious and very, very special.

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