Happy 2016

We rung in the new year with good friends in the garden state. We set up Max in the guest bedroom and put him to sleep before the festivities began. I was so impressed with the way he slept through the craziness. I kept pressing my ear against his door, expecting to hear him stirring...but he was quiet as a mouse until after the party. Then he decided to be up for two hours ;) But we all had a good, lazy day the next day to make up for our late night. 

Today marks 9 months for our not-so-little dude. We call him our tiny giant because he's always been so big and strong for his age. He is nonstop crawling, ready to walk already. He is always moving, playing and laughing. He loves when we sing, clap, and make funny faces at him. He's working on his 8th tooth already too. What a little treasure he is to us.

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