It's The Holiday Season

We went out and got our Christmas tree this afternoon. The holidays are so special this year, experiencing it all for the first time as a family of three! We found a beautiful tree from a local urban garden in Philly. Because we have 12' ceilings, we went all out and got our biggest tree yet! When we got our tree into the living room, Max crawled up to it and just stared at it for a long time. He was probably trying to figure out why there was a real tree in the room haha. We still have to decorate it, but for now, it's a beautiful and sweet-smelling addition to our home.

I love starting new traditions as a family. I have a few that I want to start this year with Max. What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? 


  1. What beautiful pictures! My husband and I are starting a family so soon and I'm starting to think about what Christmas traditions we should start this year!
    Leah Faye

  2. Such adorable pictures! My favorite traditions are decorating my parents house the weekend after Thanksgiving. Christmas eve Mass and Oyster Stew on Christmas Eve.

  3. Leave a box on the mantlepiece for the month of December and write down when you notice a family member doing something nice. Open it on Christmas morning.

  4. So so cute!