Pumpkin Patch

Our family outing to our local pumpkin patch was wonderful. We went late in the evening, when the sun was shining just right. It was Max's first trip to a pumpkin patch. It was so special to watch him take in all the new sights. He loved touching the pumpkins. He also loved smiling at all the people who said hello to him.
There's also something sooooo precious about bundled up babies. Max in sweaters, vests, coats and beanies just melts my heart. I think we'll make another trip out here before the season is over. They also have a giant apple orchard that we have yet to explore! Experiencing all these autumn traditions with our baby boy is really something special.  


  1. best dressed baby at the patch <3 we should go this weekend!

  2. So lovely to see a happy family
    Good to know you had fun at the pumpkin patch