11 Glorious Months

My little angel is 11 months old today. 11 months of getting to know his personality. By now it's easy to tell when he's tired or when he's bored. We know how to make him laugh (and he certainly know how to make us laugh!). He is a bundle of joy. I love how he knows the look I give him when I'm about to do something funny. I'll throw him that look and he'll start to smile slowly, knowing something silly is coming his way.

In the last few weeks he has learned: how to wave, how to climb off of things "feet first", what "nigh nigh" means. He is also really close to walking. He is very sturdy when he's just standing up, but has yet to take his first steps. You can tell he's thinking about it though. 

I've been planning his first birthday party and it is so surreal. I look back to this time last year when we were waiting so impatiently to meet him. And now he's here, more beautiful and fun and magnificent than we ever could have imagined. We are very lucky to have this little boy and his heart of gold. 

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