a beautiful, white christmas.

this christmas has been so incredible!
there's snow on the ground, lots of food to eat, and plenty of family to spend time with.

but i thought i'd just pop in to wish everyone a very merry christmas.

also, i wanted to share something with you...
i sewed these little guys up and gave them to tim for christmas....

"year 1"

i'm gonna try to make it a tradition to make a set every year :)
although it'll be funny after 25 years when we have 50 creatures on the tree!! hehe

anyway, have a magical christmas!
i'm off to eat more treats & spend more time with my family.


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  1. hope you and tim had a very merry christms - your first married chistmas!! ours was almost 30 years ago - they are still special every year! Love you both - aunt pat