the crafts that kept me busy during christmas...

now that i've officially given out ALL my gifts this year,
i can post photos of them!

here's a group shot of the ones i gave to my family:

why yes, that IS a raccoon peeking out from the back row!
my husband wanted one so badly.
so i surprised him for christmas :)

i also stitched up a darling little penguin couple for my dear friends krista & kyle.

i loved sharing my creatures with my friends & family this year.
such a joy!
i hope you all had a wonderful christmas.

now off to make dinner...
have a magical evening.

ps. i've got a sweet crafter spotlight planned for tomorrow ;)


1 comment:

  1. i love your little owls! that raccoon is super cute too! you are so crafty! i'm jealous! :)