Crafter Spotlight - 1 Canoe 2

1 Canoe 2

i absolutely ADORE today's crafter.
my husband bought me something from her shop for christmas,
and it is so terribly adorable...

it's a pop-up home.

isn't it just so darling?! i love it.

i also love a series of US State prints she's been doing.

and my personal favorite, indiana!

see what i mean?
gorgeous artwork!

here's a link to her cute little etsy site: 1 Canoe 2

i hope you guys enjoy looking at her things as much as i do!

have a lovely, lovely evening.


  1. I love her stuff!! that oklahoma print is really neat and i love a lot of the other stuff in her shop too!!

  2. oh i'm going over there right now, that pop-up homeland is just darling! what a guy to think of such a wonderful gift. ♥