bring on 2011!

am i the only one who thinks 2010 just flew by?!
craziness! pure craziness.

but i'm stoked for the new year.
i'm usually not one to get too excited about new years, but i had an awesome night last night.

my sweetie & i got to go out with some of our best friends,
share some drinks & laughs & brought in the new year singing and dancing.
such a fun time!

i hope you all had a glorious new year's eve.

and have a wonderful day on 1.1.11!

ps. i've been stiching up some adorable little surprises in my shop!
i'll be posting the little cuties next week ;)

1 comment:

  1. you're so right, flew by and i can't beleive it's a whole new year already. sounds like you had a stellar time, love evenings like that. cheers to you on a wondrous 2011. ♥