a few of my favorite little things.

so, i've been sewing up a little creation ALL evening!
the sun has gone down, so i wasn't able to take any pretty photos when i was done.
but i'll post some soon.

in the meantime, i felt the need to share some favorite things.

here are some photos from my last month of 2010:


some of my best friends.

my honey-honey.

birthday breakfast for timothy.

my lovely sister & parents on christmas day.

oh, and two of my very best friends..

what a wonderful end to an incredible year.
honestly, the past year has been amazing!

now i'm off to bed.
i'll be up at 5.
gotta make coffee for all those early-morning commuters.

image via we heart it.

peppermint mocha to start of my day tomorrow?
why yes. that sounds lovely.


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