Crafter Spotlight - Kelli Murray

OR should i say "artisit spotlight"

kelli murray

while searching around etsy, i discovered this wonderful artist.
i immediately fell in love with the style and color of her artwork.
it's so beautiful!

take a look...

gorgeous stuff, right?
i ordered a set of the magnets last night.
they'll look so adorable on our fridge.

also, i added the what i wore page to the menu bar.

sneak peak of today..

(click on image for entire post.)

now i'm off to sew more owls to post on my etsy.
i'll have more things there by the end of the day.
there are a couple surprises in store for tonight!
i have some new creations to share :)

stay warm everyone!



  1. First off, your blog is adorable! Second, I love your crafter spotlights...and this crafter has definatly been added to my etsy account. I plan on purchasing some special gifts for my daughters room, I will surely pass along that you recommended me, maybe some sweet discounts coming your way :)

    Thanks, have a lovely day!

  2. love that artist, totally forgot about her work! thanks for sharing. btw, love your little blog and your etsy shop, precious! just reading your little description about yourself, we sound alot alike :) xoxo, laura