some days just get too busy.

and yes. today is one of those days that just got too busy!
i've been working since 7:30 this morning (and still chatting with a bride about her album as i type this! shhh!)
but i just wanted to pop in and leave you with a bit of inspirational beauty..

a little house in our neighborhood.
my friend gloria lives here. she bought this little 1964 beetle.

sorry for the lack of a post today!
like i said, life just got too busy.

but i've made plans to get coffee and dessert with some of my best friends later on.
so, i'll end this crazy day on a good note ;)

have a wonderful evening!



  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Now I got to see all your wonderful pictures! Beautiful!

  2. thought of you all when we were in big bear last weekend. I am a southern California girl. Snow is great to visit, but when its 21 degrees - I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous. I look outside and think, "Isn't that pretty! turn the heater up!!" Love, aunt pat