what i wore - harley davidson & free people.

today has been wonderful.
i worked a bit this morning, but had some time off in the afternoon.
tim is out of town until later tonight.
so my sister and i spent some time together.

here's what i wore.
a harley davidson shirt. i bought it off etsy a few years ago.
a ruffle slip from free people.
and flowers in my hair.

(boot shot! me and my sister, kylie.)

i have to say, that shirt is one of my favorites.

oh, i have a few new things in my shop!

a little family.

a little pin.

and cake toppers! so stoked about these.

feel free to have a look around my shop.
i'm loving this new endeavor of sewing new creatures.



  1. Oh, gosh...I'm really digging the cake toppers! We're having a five year anniversary party this summer and I'll probably be needing some for the cake. :] The owlies are darling, but if you ever make a set of kitties please let me know! (We've accidentally turned into "cat people" so they would be more appropriate for the cake, I think. Haha.)

  2. yeah! i'd love to make you guys a pair of kitties! i'll try it out and send you some photos of the outcome ;)

  3. I love your style! I am a new blog follower :D Love the outfit! A lot! Gorgeous!

  4. ahh that harley davidson shirt.
    i love the pairing with free people :)

  5. love the mix! and free people is one of my favorite places, i wish one would open up in Van. but have to make the trip to seattle for my fix. your flower headband is lovely. oh, all those owlies are uber cute and especially the cakie toppers. how brill! ♥