needless to say, i LOVE "love day"

just popping in for a quick post before tim & i start celebrating sweet ol' valentine's day!
we're getting chocolates from a sweet shop downtown, going to our favorite restaurant for dinner
(sweet potato fries, chicken pot pie, baked mac & cheese...all cooked to absolute perfection. washed down with raspberry framboise!)
then we're heading home, building a fort (hopefully!),
snuggling up with our pup & watching a movie.

okay, here's the white knit poncho i got for $2.50!

poncho - antique store
ruffled dress - free people
polka dot tights - target
felt heart pin - handmade
blue rhinestone pin - antique store
shoes - macys

antique store finds from yesterday!

tin from paris, 2 pretty hankies, tons of cute buttons for crafting, fabric-covered earrings, pretty eagle pin, cute polka dot deer pin.

i hope you're all having a lovely love day.
give someone a kiss and tell them you love them.



  1. Love your tights and the paper lanterns. I've been meaning to get polka-dot tights for the Spring but haven't diligent enough in searching for them LOL.

  2. You are so cute! I love "love" day too! Hope you have a wonderful dinner and I'm glad you enjoyed my silly love songs posts! :) Happy Love day!!!!!

  3. Your dress under the poncho looks super GORGEOUS!! I love the poncho also :D