pretty, dreamy clotheslines.

build me a home inside your heart.

i've been wanting to do a photoshoot inspired by clotheslines for aaaages now.
once it gets warmer, i want to take my sister and her husband out to a field somewhere at dusk, and let the dreaminess begin!

some photos for inspiration...

images via we heart it.

that would be so beautiful, right?!
i've been dreaming of it for a while now.

i want the lighting and scenery to be like this.
these were engagement photos of my sister when we were in new zealand.
we just went out one evening with our film camera to the local park, jumped over a little fence,
and snapped some photos to celebrate their recent engagement.

photos by me.

i can't wait to start this project!
since indiana won't break away from these sub-zero temps, i think i've got a little while to go.
in the meantime, i'll probably start collecting pretty white fabric.
maybe some lace and embroidered details for the sun to catch!

ohhhh, i can't wait!!
come onnnn indiana. bring on spring!



  1. I think that would make a very pretty photoshoot!! Also, Today I took some pictures of the clothesline that is in our new backyard! Weird! Because I'm just now reading this post! Haha!!

  2. oh you gotta do it girl! i'd love to see what amazingness you'd come up with for your own clothesline shoot.

    your photos celebrating their engagement are beauteous!!! so purdy. happy week wishes to you. ♥

  3. thank you so much! and seriously right back at you:) and this is a pretty photo idea, i'll look forward to seeing the pictures whenever it gets warm!

  4. i looooove clotheslines. so beautiful.

  5. What a beautiful photoshoot idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with.
    I am calling out for Spring too. We just got dumped on again with more snow and ice in Kansas City. Ugh...but by this weekend it is suppose to be 60 again. Got to love the Midwest.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. i love that last pictures! the lighting is fantastic! the photo idea is great!!


  7. this post has a great style! If you are "obsessed with glamour" we could be followers each other, what do you think? tell me something!