apartment inspirations.

tim and i are coming up to our one year anniversary in may, and i couldn't be happier.
one of my absolute FAVORITE parts of our married life is having our very own place.

we had a strange start to our relationship.
the first four months we were dating, i was living with him & his family in new zealand.
then we came back to the states, toured around for a bit, then spent months apart while he was on the road.
then we got engaged, and shortly after he moved to indiana and lived with me and my parents.
up until a month after we got married, we didn't have our own place!
so we are loving this stage of our lives.
we love decorating and cooking and hanging out and making forts and messes.

i really want to find neat little projects to do around our place.
i've been looking through design sponge for inspiration.

pretty wallpaper!!

i LOVE this wall art.

woah. seriously beautiful.

it's all so lovely :)
i love our place now, but there's always room for growth and change when it comes to decorating.

i have to whole weekend off, so i think i'll spend it at thrift stores & antique shops,
finding things for our apartment ;)

happy friday!


  1. that little green and white kitchen is the best.
    it is absolulty perfect in every way.

  2. Aw! I'm happy for you two:) You guys deserve your own little getaway and place to make your own! I love all of the inspiration pictures you used. The kitchen and brick are my favorites!

  3. I love these inspiration! Really beautiful!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!


  4. Beautiful inspiration photos! I'm sure you two will make your home the place of your dreams. I love wandering through antique stores looking for new things to bring into our apartment. But Matthew will tear his hair out if I bring home any more kitchen stuff. I have a strange obsession with tea cups and plates that look like they came from Anthropologie. Now they're exploding from my cupboards. haha.