horses running free, carrying you and me

tim & i got to take a fun little walk together yesterday afternoon.
we walked casey around the block and enjoyed the fresh air and (slightly) warmer weather.
i was definitely a bit chilly, but it was worth it not to wear a coat!

we had a fun time romping around with our pup.
running and whistling and chatting the day away!

i found this shirt the other day while we were shopping at H&M.
i literally GASPED when i saw it...haha
but luckily nobody was around to see my overreaction over a piece of clothing.
but come onnnn....it's so amazing!
i mean, black & grey horses running free?!
doesn't get much better.

i paired it with a flannel shirt i've had for a few years.
it felt a bit sloppy and baggy,
so i tied a fun little knot in the back ;)

hat - charlotte russe
earrings - H&M (brand new!)
eagle brooch - antique shop
ring - claires
flannel shirt - thrifted
horse shirt - H&M
white lace dress - free people
tights - kohls
shoes - antique shop

and of course casey was being oh-so-patient while we did our little photoshoot.

have a wonderful day!
if you're working today - don't work too hard.
if you're not working today - live it up! enjoy a lovely day off.

as for me, i have the day off.
so i'll be sewing up little creatures.
hopefully i'll have something to show for it by the end of the day ;)



  1. Adorable outfit and adorable puppy!

    I hope you don't mind that I added you to my "cute places to visit" list on my blog. I think your blog is fabulous and deserves lots of followers.


  2. I always love your outfits. Creepy comment is creepy, but you sound like such a lovely person and I feel like I would get along with you out in the real world!

    hope you enjoy your day :)

  3. Oh my! Your outfit is adorable. That horse shirt is so fun:-) I just found your blog, and I'm loving it. xoxo

  4. I loveeeee this tee too! I'd probably freak out, too :) I love the flannel. I always wear flannel when I want to be cozy!

  5. That is such a nice blog :)
    I really like your jewels (such a nice ring!), and i adore your skirt.
    I am in love with your dog too :)

  6. I am loving the more Spring like weather around here too. I love taking walks with my hubs after dinner.

    Your outfit post always make me smile! Love the new shirt!

    I bought a black lace skirt at a thrift store the other day and was inspired by one of your posts to get it. I just need to shorten it! Yay! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. i used to follow your sister on xanga...and was wondering how you all were. i also wondered if you still had casey (i remember the beautiful pictures of his sweet face when you ladies first got him!) so glad that he's found a home with you and your hubby.

  8. You're so lucky your doggy sits patiently while you take your pictures. Our puppy just wants to run way or jump up with muddy little paws. How old is your dog? I hope he didn't get your pretty lace skirt all dirty. I love your double bird jewelry and cute bow earrings too.

  9. love all the elements of your outfit and how they come together, such a personal style :) your shoes are really adorable..want!

  10. I've pretty sure I've seen somethimg in a store and gasped.
    The shirt is really cute...

  11. hehehe that last shot is just too cute! I love those details hots :) lovely earings!

  12. I used to dislike flannel shirts, but now I want one. Great outfit!