how we sat on the backs of our cars, and laughed until the morning.

my sister and i got a chance to get together and have a little photoshoot.
we always used to go out and photograph each other.
it was one of our favorite things to do.
but since we've gotten married, we haven't had so much time with each other (even though we live in the same town! come on, right?!)

but here are some images of her.
she's so adorable. i'm allowed to say that, even though she's my twin ;)

we just had so much fun.
it felt like we were 17 again.

i've got a whole series of her throwing leaves that's really fun,
but i'll wait to post those.

tim & i are having a mini-road trip tonight.
we're having dinner with some friends for a birthday celebration.

oh, and happy friday!
hopefully there a some fun weekend plans ahead for everyone.


  1. reminds me of me and my sisters :)

    all of these are beautiful but that last shot is just stunning!

  2. Wow, awesome photos!! My favourite is the 4th one, but I love the ones with the chair in them as well. Good job!

  3. ooh, your twin IS gorgeous and so are those pictures, wow. I love, love them: the light, the yellow chair, the compositions ...great job! xx veronika

  4. Oh wow your sister is absolutely stunning! Such fabulous photography.

  5. she's beautiful and SO are you! i think it's pretty cool how you'd know each other so well, it makes for that much more of an intimate shoot. like you get each others best angles and man it must be weird to look through a lens and kinda see yourself in many ways. i love it! ♥

  6. Cutie!! I just adore her outfit too. I can't wait to see the leaf throwing pictures. My pup pup is just 9 months old now. And all the sun in San Francisco is long gone. It's just rain, rain, rain now.

  7. great photos! Love your knitted top and shorts... btw, love your hairstyle too! I wish my hair were longer so I could have it cut in the same way as yours!


  8. I love the top you're wearing and the light is beautiful!

    star-crossed smile

  9. Just discovered your adorable lil blog! These pictures are so gorgeous. I love the contrast of the yellow chair against the earth. Gorgeous! :)

  10. Your sister is beautiful and the pictures really are amazing. You are very talented!
    I love them, you should work together more often, your work is perfect!

  11. These pictures of you are BEAUTIFUL. I love the lighting. I also love, love, love the yellow chair. You are positively gorgeous.

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