piece of the puzzle, and you're my missing part

good afternoon, everyone!
hopefully you're all having a nice tuesday.
i'm just popping in to share a fun little outfit.

i wore this yesterday.
the warmer weather is so exciting!
it means i get to wear fun clothes i haven't touched in months!

i'm really loving this crotchet shirt.
i bought it a few weeks ago.
i'll have to stop myself from wearing it every single day this summer.

hat - charlotte russe
crotchet top - deliahs
striped top - thrifted
white jacket - target
tights - target
boots - aldo
purse - aldo
necklace - thrifted

tim & i are trying to plan a weekend trip for next month.
we're looking into lakeside towns in michigan.

(i just wanna stay wherever this is!)
image via we heart it.

we're planning on going to colorado for our one year anniversary,
which is exactly TWO MONTHS from today!
but we both need a mini-vacation before that.
so we're thinking either michigan or wisconsin.
if anyway knows of any fun/cute towns - let me know!
i've only found a couple so far...so i'd love to have more options.

have a wonderful evening.



  1. I misread and thought you had said crocheted "skirt" and then as I looked at your pics I was confused...Confusion has passed...Yes! That crocheted SHIRT is awesomecakes! And you are a beautypie! Just thought I'd inform you..although I'm sure you know already.. OH! And congrats on your upcoming anniversary! I want to go on a mini-getaway with my hubaloo..Jealous!
    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. pretty.
    i think it would be ok if you wore that shirt everyday for a few months.

    if you and your man want to hang out on some haybales, fish in a pond, and not do much of anything except relax and feed some chickens, you are more than welcome to visit a tiny little house in southern Illinois.

  3. Christen!!! You are too cute. I love your style and I love this blog - I'm spreading the love to L.A. friend...

  4. I have those tights too, and they rock my world. haha I love seeing how other people rock them! Happy mini-vaca to you my dear!

  5. i love how you've layered your outfit!
    btw your totally pulling of that fedora!
    have fun on your vacation and happy anniversary(in advance)!!


  6. You are gorgeous!! I am so jealous of your cute outfit and WARM weather!! *Sigh..
    Have fun planning your mini vacation! Hubs and I are in serious need of one as well!!

  7. Cute cute cute! This outfit is making me very excited about spring. LOVE the crocheted top!
    My husband and I are also planning a holiday, can't wait.

  8. Oh I love the layering here! What a good idea, a print under crochet... never thought of that.

  9. Adore your outfit! That crocheted top is such a dream. I have been hunting for crocheted pieces for the Spring and have quite a little collection. Beautifully styled outfit! xoxo

  10. oh girl, i can't wait for the days when the weather gets warmer & i too can reach in the closet to pull out things from spring/summers past!

    you are a vision of vintagey styles and beauty! good lucks on the trip plans, they sound super awesome. keep up the research and you'll find the perfect spot to celebrate in! and thanks so much for the guest post loves, big...big thanks!!!! ♥

  11. That crochet top is awesome! I can't wait for the weather to warm up too! Love your Target and Aldo finds! I shop there a lot! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  12. love the colour of these shorts and the crocheted top...very lovely and laid back chic. I hope you get a little break for your anniversary :)

  13. Cute outfit! That crochet top looks so sweet :D

  14. I love how you paired the crochet with the stripes - toughens it up a bit :)

  15. cute hat and tights! loving the vintagey shots!

    visit my blog, follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat
    and visit my store, xo
    xo, zebra and meerkat.

  16. You look great! Have a great weekend!

  17. Love the hat! so cute! I just finished a hat outfit look. Great minds think alike :)

    love from SF,



  18. lovely photos ; )


  19. We share our wedding aniversary! We got married last year on May 22! (It was the best day to get married in my oppinion!) You are really cute and I love your style.

  20. Oh i absolutely love your outfit. you look gorgeous! love how you have teamed everything together. i am also loving the warmer weather too, so much easier to dress for.
    so jealous that you and your hubby are going to colorado! i went skiing in Vail end of '07 and it was the best!!
    also really jealous of your mini vaca too! i cant wait to see photos when you guys decide on where to go!
    love your blog, so happy i found it! i am following :) x

  21. amazing style! never would have thought to pair those two shirts together... but i love it.

  22. I am loving the crocheted pieces for spring. So perfect for frolicking about while wearing a pretty dress. They are so comfortable and easy to style :)

    <3 Lea

  23. oh these photos are so beautiful!!! and that cochet shirt is gorgeous it looks so adorable over the striped top :)

  24. Love those shorts! Congrats on the big 1 year:-) A mini-vacation sounds wonderful. I think we're hitting up Seattle soon for one! xoxo

  25. such an amazing look and beautiful photos !

    kisses from Russia,

  26. Really nice blog :D

    You're really pretty !

    Now following you !