she's got the sun on her back, throwing caution to the wind

happy, happy sunday!
i hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

these photos are from yesterday, which was fun.
we took a semi-long walk with casey.
it's one of my favorite parts of the day...
getting to walk around, get some fresh air, and chat about our days.

pretty, frilly top - cotton on, new zealand
red skirt - thrifted (it used to be all the way down to the floor!)
sweater - deliahs
tights - kohls
shoes - thrifted (via target, i believe)
black hat (in last photo) - can't remember

and my adorable husband. twirling casey's poo around. ohhhh, boys ;)

today, on my way to work, i really wanted to listen to some NEW music.
i scrolled around all the artists on my ipod,
and realized i haven't had new music in a little while! UNACCEPTABLE, right?!
so after work i met up with my sister and got some sweet tunes from her.

some of the artists i'm stoked about getting into:
1. camera obscura
2. band of horses
3. jenny and johnny (jenny lewis and her boyfriend!)
4. the black keys

maybe i'm way behind on getting into these bands.
i've at least heard of all of them....cut me some slack ;)
but i'm excited to be getting into them.

i plan on lying in the sun on the floor of my apartment,
and listening to each record straight through.
that's my favorite way to hear an album!

anyway, tim & i have got some serious grocery shopping to do.
we were about to start our list when i said "can i just post on my blog really quick?!"
he agreed, of course.
little does he know i'm just procrastinating. hard core ;)

have a wonderful evening, friends!



  1. love that outfit! the shirt and skirt are my fave! you have amazing style! :)

  2. black hat (in last photo) - MINE! from urban outfitters :) got it on my honeymoon!

  3. You look absolutely adorable! I adore the blouse and the shoes. I love your blog, you're wonderful.

  4. Thanks a lot, I love these pictures !


  5. that's so funny...any time i need new music i call up my sister! haha...

    have you heard alela diane? SHE IS SO GOOD.


  6. definitely the way to listen to the a new album. totally need to find new music too!
    love your outfit, looks like the best day! haha and funniest photo of your husband x

  7. what a cute little lane...love this top! i love band of horses, the last album is kinda addictive..such a beautiful sound! same for camera obscura!

  8. Gorgeous photos and your outfit IS so fantastic, love the colours and the beautiful layers. As for procrastinating on the grocery shopping? Haha I was so there on Sunday. xx veronika

  9. band of horses is great. every album is wonderful but their most recent "infinite arms" was in my car during my entire engagement - every time i listen to it i'm reminded of all the excitement of planning my wedding. its just one of those records that has so many memories attached to it. :) have fun listening!

  10. eek! the comment from t.kuhn was actually from me. :) accidently wrote it from my husb's login!

  11. nice top :)


  12. Wow! Just stumbled upon your blog and it is so darling! What a chic little winter outfit. Consider me a follower, dear! And please peruse mine too if you please. Many cheers & happy hellos to you!

  13. i'm seriously in need of some new music! eek, i haven't heard of any of those bands! will definitely check them out! love the details and collar on your top!


  14. Ah, these pictures are adorable! I LOVE that skirt, I can't believe it used to be down to the floor.. Props girl!

    lovin' yo blog!

    x chelsea

  15. Awww, check out Casey and her poo bag haha :D So cute! & awesome look :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  16. You're such a babe. This outfit is super cute! Love your hair all curly and natural.

  17. Band of Horses are amazing!!
    Your husband is rockin' the beard...
    Loving your style miss fashionista xxx

  18. P.s. Check put Angus & Julia Stone!! I'm an Aussie so I have to plug the Aussie artists and these are amazing! x