my heart skips a beat when we walk down the street.

what a beautiful sunday! tim & i just love sundays. so glorious!
we spent the day with friends all day. it's so amazing to be in a community again.
we're so blessed to live in this town. we've made so many amazing friends.
it's been such a blessing for our first year of marriage.

this morning i woke up and threw on jeans and a sweater.
i was in my "i just wanna be comfy" mood.
then i ate whole grain waffles with blueberries & strawberries for breakfast.
something about eating breakfast changed my whole attitude...it was the weirdest thing!
i had a sudden inclination to change outfits immediately! haha...
maybe the strawberries made me giddy or something ;)
whatever the case, i immediately changed into a dress i recently bought.

it used to go down past my knees, but i hemmed it up.
i also rolled up & stitched the sleeves (they used to go down to my elbows!)

i wore one of my favorite hair clips as a belt accessory.
because, let's be honest, i can't go a day without wearing something floral!

oh, i named my outfit june today.
i woke up thinking about walk the line, and how cute june carter is...

white sweater - thrifted
striped dress - thrifted
suede belt - target
floral bow - hunter gatherer.
tights - kohls
socks - deliahs
brooches - antique store
earrings - antique store

happy sunday!

(tim & i disagree about what 'x' and 'o' stand for. i'll let you be the judge - which is hugs and which is kisses?
your answers might just put our 2 year disagreement to rest..hehe)


  1. i love your dress! so cute!

    and i think x's are kisses and o's are hugs. my logic is that the x's kinda look like lips somehow? lol and the o's are like arms reaching around a person like a hug :) tell tim he's a silly kiwi! :)

  2. Xs are kisses.

    I just googled it and its an outstanding debate among many people. Hahah.

  3. You are so adorable! I love the dress with the cardigan. And that bow belt is so lovely. xoxo

  4. That bow is soo cute!! An 'x' stands for a kiss and an 'o' stands for a hug! x

  5. oh my. This outfit is so adorable and sweet looking. You definitely have such nice style ! The earrings, belt, your wavy hair, it all ties together so perfectly. I love it !

  6. i always type it XO and in my head i've always said, hugs/kisses. so i guess i would say X is a hug and O is a kiss :)

    i looooooove your outfit in this post and i love those pink pom poms hanging behind you!!!!! they look similar to the ones i have hanging in Willow's room, only her's are orange and grey.

  7. Fabulous outfit especially the flower earrings! Your crafty room in the background looks like so much fun.

  8. awe, i love that the inspiration hit you and June came out to play!!!

    sounds like the whole day was full of goodness and some rather inspiring strawberries...where can i get my hands on some of those?!

    love it all and you look most adorable. i'm with rachel.lyn on the xo conundrum, never really thought about it before like that. you've now blown my boxed in mind wide open, so awesome. ♥

  9. CUTE!!!! Love that you used our hair clip on a belt!!!! you are the bee's knee's!

  10. i am completley in love with your June outfit. I used to adore the costumes in Walk the Line, all her dresses are so sweet! Wish i had something like this in my wardrobe to wear tommorow!


  11. i am loving everything about this post. the pom poms are gorgeous!