first off, Happy Saturday my friends!!
i personally love weekends.
even though i usually work one of the two days, they make me happy.
everyone seems to be in a good mood.

and the weather is supposed to be beautiful in indiana this weekend,
so i'm sure people will be smiling ear-to-ear! eeepp! i love happy people.

alrighty. i wanted to pop in today and share a fun new accessory i found while shopping with my twinnie the other day.
yes, friends, that is a LEGIT boy scouts scarf.
come one, what 22-year-old girl wouldn't want one?!
okay, okay...maybe i overreacted in my excitement level when i came across it....
but i love it.
the yellow is so fun, and i have a thing with wolves(HOWWWWL!). i love them so much.

i paired it with a polka dot shirt, a cute little necklace with a pair of scissors on it, bird ring, and my day was complete!

i hope everyone has fun weekend plans.
i'm going to sleep in, make lots of waffles, drink lots of coffee, and bask in the sun a little.



  1. i remember my brother used to have that same scarf when he was in boyscouts!!! it was years ago...hehe too cute.
    i am also loving the color yellow (especially on my nails) and bird jewelry for spring!!
    if you love wolves, have u heard of Wolf Park ? It's a wolf conservation in Battleground, IN and on full moons they have this thing called "howl night" where u can watch the wolves howl! I haven't been there yet, but I think it would be fun! :)

  2. I love it! What a great idea.

  3. yah good weather & yah weekend! hope yours is all wonderful, all the time. boy scout snap! genius find, i covet it and you look adorable wearing the goodness. let me just say, as one who overreacts with excitement ALL the time, you could never convey too much in my humble opinion. i woulda been jumping up & down with ya! bask away beauty, cheers! ♥

    pea ess: the photos of you & Casey from the previous post are awesome!!!! i love that little boat total. and thanks for the Ry-Ry support too : )

  4. That scarf is so cute! I love headbands like this. I feel like I"m unable to pull off heanbands and scarves in my hair for some reason haha. I kind of just end up looking like a huge nerd. I usually try though. =p You're so pretty!