just like in a storybook

what a lovely, lovely day. i'm sitting on my back porch (in a rocking chair, i might add!), sipping some iced tea, listening to all the chirping birds in the trees.
perfection? i think so.
it been a long winter, and i am so ready for warm weather!

i found this adorable number the other day at salvation army.
my sister picked it out, and i fell in love!
i paired it with a little red belt and my perfect oxfords.

tim & i took a little walk with casey, and enjoyed the sunset.
i can't wait for the trees to be blooming.
but for now, i'm just thankful for being able to walk outside without 5,000 layers!!

i think i'm going to cook dinner for tim tonight.
and i think we should probably eat it on our back porch.
whadda ya say? good idea or what?!

i love you, my dear blog friends!


ps. how adorable is this photo from the april free people catalog?!

i love it so much.


  1. I love your oxfords too. Oxfords are my favorite shoes in the world. Very cute outfit!

  2. So is it a dress or a top and a skirt? Looks greatmazing!!! LOVE IT!
    You are a beautypie!

  3. I really love the hat and the oxfords, they're too perfect...especially together. You look incredible, as always dear!

  4. cute hat and i love that skirt it is so versatile!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. janett - it's actually a dress. well, sort of. it's actually shorts on the bottom! it feels a little funny to wear, but it looks too adorable...i can't resist ;)

  6. LOVE those Oxfords! Love the photography too! Thanks for stopping by my blog, now following yours! Miss Walker xoxo

  7. Wow, you are stunningly beautiful. I love those oxfords, by the way!

  8. The salvation army is pretty much where 90% of my clothing/belongings are from. Great find.

    I also enjoy your Mary Tyler Moore hat throwing pose, and am jealous that you have a back porch to eat on.

  9. cute pictures! you're adorable...love your blog :]


  10. Such a pretty dress! What a great find. The red belt is the perfect pop of color and accessory. I would wear oxfords everyday and yours are adorable.

  11. adorable outfit...I totally love your hat hun!

    ps. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on blog!


  12. Love the oxfords! One day I'll be wearing them! :)


  13. YOU are adorable beautiful lady!!

    Also - the nail polish color IS amazing, I applied it a week ago and it still looks great. :)