let's paint the town red

some friends and i headed to Chicago the other night to see a band called phosphorescent.
fun little story about the happenings of the day:

i was working with my wonderful friends alayna & jasmine the other day.
we work at a starbucks in a fairly small town.
as you can imagine, we see the same ol' people who order the same ol' drinks almost every day.
now, don't get me wrong...we have some amazingly sweet "usuals"
BUT, it gets a bit boring to do the same thing every day.
so, naturally, when a van full of interesting-looking guys pull up,
we get a little giddy inside.
i like to think we live vicariously through their stories of travels and adventures.

so, long story short. or short story long, maybe ;)
my friend alayna finds out they're in a band called phosphorescent (who she loves).
so she ends up chatting with them and gets three free tickets to their show that night!
so me, tim, alayna and jasmine hopped on board for a real-life chicago adventure that evening.

here's one of my favorite songs of theirs.
it's so beautiful if you've got about 4 minutes to spare!

it was a wonderful show with my perfect little friends ;)

so here's what i wore to the show.
a fun little red scarf (turban tie inspired by A Beautiful Mess), my oxfords with rolled up jeans, and a bunch of my favorite brooches.
i've come to realize that i can't get enough of brooches!

(eeep! sorry it's a bit blurry!)

rolled up pants are my new faves. thanks the my darling friend ashton and her love for a band called the drums.

scarf:thrifted, blazer:thrifted, sweater:thrifted, striped tunic: thrifted, "jeggings": target,
oxfords: thrifted, brooches: mix of antique & thrifted

thanks for reading about my silly little adventures.
i love you all, but i must head off to work now!

have a super happy thursday!



  1. Oh I love the scarf in your hair. So pretty.

  2. i love the red scarf, and what a cute jacket! that sounds like such a fun night!

    <3 steffy
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  3. Phosphorescent is one of my all time fave bands!! I so wish I had of known about this ahead of time. I had to work on Monday =( I hope u had a fabulous time!

  4. Ugh, I have been searching endlessly for the perfect blazer. So jealous. And I've also picked up the habit of rolling my pants. Love it :)

  5. You look amazing! The blazer and scarf are wonderful!

  6. wow vintage look i love it,pretty red scarf,and shoes :) wanna do follow? feel free

  7. Thanks so much for introducing me to this awesome band. Watched that clip and have just spent the last hour watching them on youtube!
    p.s Love love love todays outfit. You should wear red more cause it really suits you.

  8. I must say, I am very envious that you work at Starbucks! Sounds like you are living my dream life, hehe.

    You look beautiful in these photos! You have such a soft face.

  9. such a great outfit. you look so cute :) love the scarf. sounds like such a great night. im going to listen to the song :) x

  10. love the song and the clothes!
    if you are ever my way you must show me your ways!

  11. Love the entire outfit, especially the blazer!

  12. I love this outfit! Your hair is so lovely :)

  13. Wow sounds like fun. I love your headscarf :) x

  14. Gorgeous beautiful and breathtaking. I really adore this xxx

  15. Christen I just found your blog and I have to say it is SO beautiful! You have an amazing sense of style (like, seriously) and I am happy to be your latest follower :)