oh, the joy of climbin' trees.

okay. let's be serious.
who doesn't like climbling trees?!
it's been one of my favorite things ever since i was a kid.
it's magical, to say the least.

a couple days ago, tim & i explored gardens where we got married (awww!)
all the flowers were blooming pure perfection.

and the trees were just right for climbing!
(although i realized how tough it is to climb a tree properly while wearing tights! eeek!)

perfect blooms:

hat: charlotte russe, harley shirt: vintage, flannel: thrifted, leather pouch necklace: the lost dog,
skeleton key necklace: antique shop, feather earrings: homemade, tights: urban outfitters, boots: thrifted, purse: aldo, shorts: thrifted

it's work, work, work for me today!
but i love being busy, so i'm not complaining ;)

cheers & have a happy, happy wednesday!

ps. i came across a lovely quote on the Free People Blog.
"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life."

-Bill Cunningham
Bill is a street style photographer in New York. He's got a documentary out that i'd LOVE to see sometime.



  1. your shirt is rad! i didnt realize you two were married, how cute!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. i love your outfit! you inspire me to spice up my wardrobe! i am going to be brave one of these days and wear tights with shorts. i love the look so much but i haven't gotten up the nerve to wear anything besides jeans and a tshirt in forever!

  3. Awesome photos, I love your two layered tops :) & I have never actually climbed a tree, even when I was younger, I was just always really scared lol. Looks like i'm missing out though. :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  4. great outfit! i love these shots!

  5. Climbing is the best! Although I always seem to fall or slip or something clumsy :-) Love your outfit! the shirt works so very well with the t-shirt. xoxo

  6. Hi lovely!

    Thank you for your beautiful comment and the follow!

    Your blog is seriously so cute and I am definetly following you back!

    Can't say I have climbed trees in my life, never allowed, guess I have missed out on something wonderful! lol.

    Have a great long weekend sweets. Talk soon.


  7. I climbed trees a lot in my child hood! Although, I'm not sure I would be brave enough to do nowadays (after an experience of falling out of one).

    Has anyone ever told you that you resemble Christina Perri in ways? Sorry, I always see resemblance in people.

    P.S. You're beautiful, as always!

  8. ahh you look so cool! you and your hubs are so adorable, hehe. I would visit the place I got married too :p it's a beautiful place, especially with the trees blossoming! ohh and I haven't climbed a tree in forever! I should though. my brother and I did that all the time.

    PS- I saw the office episode. totally cried. it wasn't what I expected, but it was so sad. -SIGH

  9. Thanks for your sweet comments, what a great blog you have too! I love cherry blossom you cant beat that this time of year, love your outfit too you have great style.

    M x


  10. lovely pictures... love your tights!

  11. I love this rock style !

    Nice blog !

    If you like French fashion, you should check out mine, and maybe follow if you like it :)


    www.coralieslooks.com - FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  12. cool photos.. LOVE those tights!!
    you've got a nice blog here.. just found it.. take care!

  13. awwww is right, the gardens where you were wed are beautiful! hope you didn't snag those darling tights while scaling the trees lades. you are the cutest tree hugger i ever did see.

    diggin' the quote, nice addition to the arsenal for sure. happy weekend. ♥

    pea ess: thanks a bunch for the new job wishes. xo

  14. I used to love climbing trees when I was little, your photos make me miss it! :)

  15. love your tshirt and tights, especially those little hearts (:

  16. You look so pretty! I've never even thought of climbing a tree before, I know I'd fail at it. Haha. xx

  17. Having grown up in the sticks, climbing trees was a huge part of my childhood.

    I love these photo!! Your outfit is super neat- the tights are the perfect girlish touch.


  18. I looove to climb trees!! One of my best friends had a cherry tree in front of her house, and we used to climb it and do everything up there when we were younger: read books, even eat lunch lol

    And who doesn't love hearts on their tights! Seriously yours are so cute!! Thank you for the nice things you said, too- I'm so glad you enjoy my blog ^-^ xxx

  19. I love your top and those tights! =) So cute!

  20. climbing trees is so much fun, but yes, very hard in tights! cute outfit:)

  21. Love these photos. I just climbed up a tree in my latest post too. Luckily neither of us took a tumble. You're looking great! Those blossoms are gorgeous, as are you.