my film photography collection

i was recently inspired by a post from Steffys Pros and Cons to share some of my lomography collection.
over the years, my sister and i have become quite engulfed in collecting vintage cameras.

this is our most recent collection:

as you can tell, we love experimenting with film.
there's something so magical about it that digital photos can't touch.
i know there are lots of apps and photoshop effects that mimick the vintage look,
but nothing can compare to real film photographs.

here are some of my fave's from the past few years!


35mm film cameras:



i love them so much!
and it's so fun to not know what the photos will look like until they're developed.

like the last photo was a self-portrait i look about 4 years ago.
i initially wanted to get totally different shot.
i framed the shot (i thought i at least included my entire jacket!), snapped the photo,
and watched as a suuuuper close up of my face started to emerge.
initally, i was kind of annoyed that i had to try it again.
but as the photo developed more, i realized how wonderful it looked!
and it's now my all-time favorite self portrait.

so, there you have it.
there are some things that can only be done with film.

ps. our wedding was featured on "Wedding Chicks"!!! Eeeeek! I'm so excited about this. Even though it's almost a year after our wedding, I finally thought to submitted our wedding to a blog - and we made the cut!! Hip hip hooray!

ch-ch-check it out, friends!

have a glorious tuesday!



  1. Watched your wedding video! Amazing!!! We had "Go Do" played as we walked down the grand staircase into our reception! It was quite magical, and it looks like your day was too! Congrats (almost a year later heh!) =)

  2. Your pictures are just amazing. I LOVE the first photograph. And I think that your engagement photos are just the cutest. Did you take them with a timer or did a friend take them? Lovely!!! xoxo

  3. OH MY GOD. i am SOOOOOO happy that i inspired you to post this! those cameras are absolutely amazing. and so are these pictures, you two are just so lovely.

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. Oh gosh so jealous of your collection. I am not much of a photographer and I wish I could be...but your pictures make me want to start. You and your husby are way toooo cute!!!

  5. Wow, you have such a huge collection of cameras! They are beautiful! I love the range of photographs they provide!


  6. i love pictures with old cameras. just something about them!!! they sure don't make cameras like they used to.

  7. wow love the wedding photos and your collection is sooo big!

  8. Gorgeous!! SO amazing seeing these cameras in action and the pictures are truly stunning. Hope you're having a super Wednesday. xx veronika

  9. Hello! Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    I think I actually know who you are... are you married to someone from Ember Days? I am close friends with Rachel and Elliot Norton and I think they have shown me pictures of you before! I was also a bridesmaid at their wedding, so have met your husband before too :)

    Such a small world! Your blog is delightful also :) Will you come back to NZ sometime in the near future??

  10. ha! that's Matt..

    that's strange. I also know rachel and elliot- and my only memory of Matt, (apart from the ember days) is seeing Benny Hinn with him and some other friends..


    small world.

    your photos are fantastic. <3 I LOVE LOVE LOVE the super sampler photos.

  11. What a gorgeous collection of cameras!!! I am slowly but surely building up my collection, so I've got my eyes set on a fewmore already!

    Oh wow, seriously, adding to Amanda and Shayla, this IS a small world! I think you guys should come do a trip to NZ again then :)

  12. great camera collection. I want to own your rolliflex and hasselblad!!! so jealous
    :) Murphy xo


  13. So, I just realized that I'm accidentally copying your centerpieces almost exactly...oops. Funny that I had never seen pictures of the reception decorations til now. Apparently we have quite similar tastes... Have any extra ideas that you didn't get to use? ;)


  14. I admit I love the instant gratification of digital phtography, but I'll always love film best of all. There's something about the surpise results... Granted, a lot of the photos come out not being particularly special, but there are a few truly magical ones, like your last portrait, that more than make up for that. Beauutful post!

  15. All of these photos are enchanting, but especially the last one... You've inspired me to play around with film some time!

  16. I loved reading this post.

    Your collection of vintage cameras is amazing, and your photos made me feel like I was sharing in your memories too.

    I went to your shop, and you make the cutest most darling little animals. I always try to buy my toys in a boy/girl set so I love love love your creations! :)

    The Cat Hag

  17. These photos are really good. I love the first one and the one of you and your bf with the sheep behind you. What a great collection of cameras. I really want to buy some old cameras but Im scared I wont be able to buy film for it. Would you say its easy to get hold of most film ?

    Marisa x

  18. thanks so much for posting these, and the cameras! wow

    i'm definitely not a professional photographer but its nice when people keep real film like this alive...even when bombarded by hipstamatic and instagram.

  19. So cool! I would love to make a post like this too ..


  20. great pictures! that last one of you is gorgeous!


  21. amazing! i'm just going on a photo date tomorrow with some film cameras. and i'm trying to buy some film for my super 8. :) loooove your collection.

  22. wow. what a wonderful collection.