you are darling, my dear.

my honey & i took a walk through the forest the other day.
i wore a pretty red scarf, a striped shirt, and a fun hair-do.

i think i want to start doing fun things with my hair.
it was nice to have a decent bit of variety!

tim & i are taking swing dancing lessons.
this particular day was the first of the lessons,
and my outfit was super fun to dance in. just in case you wondered ;)

i tried this new 'do'. it involved some teezing, lots of hairspray, and a few bobby pins.
it only took about 15 minutes.
it turned out to be a fun variety!

fun times!

tim & i have some friends over from new zealand.
they're in town for today, then heading out for germany tomorrow.
they'll be there for 5 weeks! how fun, right?!

i'm soooo itching to travel.
i want to go to europe, canada, australia and (of course) new zealand again!

have a super lovely saturday.
yay for the weekend!!



  1. The hair is fantastic!! You are so lucky to have such beautiful hair.

  2. I just realised I forgot to include you in my list of recent blog finds!! That was such a mistake, I love your blog and your style :) I will find a way to link to you sometime soon!

  3. love your new hair do!
    and i got the fabric at joann's, i've never really looked there before, but they have lots of different pretty fabrics!

  4. TOTALLY CUTE HAIR! Tutorial time I think!

  5. I think your hair looks incredible! I wish mine was full and thick enough to do a hairstyle like that. You look so pretty in your red scarf and striped shirt. It's a great look! And I've been wanting to travel some where exotic too. I'm going to North Carolina at the end of the month so that will have to do for now.

  6. Lovely pictures!


  7. Oh what a nice afternoon you had, and i Love your outfit!!!

  8. Your hair DOES look lovely!

    I've been wanting to take swing dance lessons forEVER! you must keep us updated on what's to come. I'll dance vicariously through you. :)

  9. I love the new hairdo! I'm so obsessed with side plaits at the moment - though I'm not as good as getting as much volume as you! Beautiful!


  10. You look beautiful!! Love the stripes and that scarf.. and that head band is amazing


  11. Wow i love this outfit!!
    you are really beautiful!! <3

    and i love your blog! you have a new follow!

  12. i love how you have styled this outfit.

  13. Your hair is amazing in these photos. It's these kind of hair do's that momentarily make me wish I had long hair again!

  14. holy crap, that hair is AMAZING! I vote you do a tutorial video. I need to know how to do this.

  15. You are so incredibly gorgeous! I adore every piece you are wearing.

  16. I love the combination of everything..the scarf is a nice touch :) and what the others say is true, your hair is beautiful:))

    - Che


  17. your hair is so pretty! i love how you styled it :) would you think of doing a tutorial, because i'd love to learn how to do that (i'm rubbish at fixing hair without something telling me how to do it, haha)


  18. awe, i love how you two are always out bonding with nature, climbing trees and having such a blast. excellent photos, you look incredibly cute....perfect dancing ensemble indeed!!!

    i've got the travel itch too, craving a get-away asap. ♥

  19. Seriously adorable, the hairstyle is so gorgeous and the pics are great, such a pretty location. AND I'm loving the stripes paired with the red scarf. Hope your Monday is a good one so far. xx veronika

  20. Love your styling! Hairstyle is amazing!

  21. where did you get that lovely feather headband?

  22. ahh, I found a new favourite blog! ♥ AMAZING! I love every, EVERY one of your posts, I just can't get away! you're wonderful and I love your sense of style :)