second star to the right, straight on til morning

why, hello there warm weather!
i am so excited that spring seems to be in full swing.

i got the cutest peter pan collar in the mail from my lovely friend linsi over at people webs.
i paired it with one of my favorite "flowy" summer shirts, a pair of jeggings (i hate that word..haha), and my new thrift store boots.
i adore this little collar.
i mean, who doesn't love peter pan?!

i also wanted to share a new creation with you all.
embroidery hoop art.
for all you crazy cat lovers ;)

on my etsy.

i love doing these.
i'm gonna try to do as many as possible before my upcoming craft show in june.
it's the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange.
i love doing craft shows, so i'm pretty excited for this one!

well, have a lovely sunday.
my advice is to eat lots of chocolate, and go to the beach if you're near one ;)



  1. oh you are so pretty!! Lovely outfit :)

  2. AHH! That collar is so dainty and fancy! I want one! Loving the pictures btw!

  3. Wow, so incredibly adorable! I absolutely love peter pan collars, and this one is too perfect. You are lovely.

  4. cute outfit!

    lovely blog too!

    xoxo jenna

  5. Just found you on Chictopia and I think you have such a cute and fun style. I'm now following youu! =)


  6. I adore your outfit, the collar is so cute.

    Just found your blog, it's beautiful ♥

  7. Love your little peter pan collar! Also love your hoop art! Gorgeous post and blog, now following, check out mine too! Miss Walker xoxo

  8. This crazy cat person gives the hoop art two thumbs up. Haha.

  9. Love the shoe and sock combo...looks great. And that hat? Adorable.

    strawberry freckleface

  10. Hi!

    The collar looks perfect with your top, and I agree with the whole jeggings thing. ;)

    P.S.- I love that you drive a red bug (awesome)
    -Your wedding pic in your "about" was gorgeous, and I love that your hubs is from New Zealand. One of my husband's groomsmen went to New Zealand late last year, and fell in love. The pictures he took there were incredible. He said you just have to go there to truly understand how amazingly beautiful it is-that pictures just didn't do it justice.

    Anyhow, hope you had a beautiful, and restful weekend. (Though it looks like you were busy making adorable little etsy shop items)

  11. i love this outfit! lindsi makes such pretty things.

    p.s. can you make one of these sweet little embroidery hoops with bears?! i might have to buy one from you.

  12. so i've been living off the "mad props" fumes all afternoon!!!! coming from you, who i so respect for crafty amazingness it's high, high praise. thank you major amounts, made my whole freakin' day and wish i could give you one heck of a hug-it!

    i'm excited for you that spring is in the air, ours has sorta given us a teaser and then disappeared for a bit ; ) you are all kinds of cute with your new collar, adore it all. so cool how it's like a little necklace, easy to change up looks that way.

    i am DEF a crazy cat lover and your new embroidery tickles me up and down with goodness. best wishes for the craft show prep and happy new week. ♥

  13. You look adorable! I love your whole outfit!

  14. Oh my gosh, you're adorable. I love that peter pan collar. I think dainty is the perfect word to describe your outfit and you. You are precious!

  15. Those cat are so adorable! What a wonderful idea (:

  16. oh you look so pretty! you styled the collar so perfectly, thank you for showing it on your blog! i'm glad you like it:)

  17. Ahhh your collar is soo soo adorable. I am in love. You're the cutest.