Style Milk - Arabella Ramsay

tonight is what i like to call a "lazy night".
i had kind of a crazy day, so nights like these are needed sometimes.
and tonight i found myself online browsing/shopping (well, i'll be honest...it was 100% browsing!)
and, let me tell you, i struck gold when i came across these beauties...

i found these beautiful designs from Australian designer Arabella Ramsay (what a beautiful name, by the way!)
from a shop called Style Milk.

Arabella Ramsay's style is described like this:
"Arabella Ramsay is an amazing Australian Designer from Melbourne channelling a feminine, vintage aesthetic
with a charming, youthful edge, each collection brings new experiments in fabric"

i LOVE them hemline of these last two.
i need to get my hands on a similar dress for summer.

i just found out that and amazing blogDaydream Lily runs this lovely shop!
how amazing is she?!

oh, and the best part?

some of these looks are on sale!
they're still out of my humble price range.
but for you "big spenders" out there, you should pick one up.
then i can live vicariously through your beautiful clothes.
deal? deal.

oh, and one more thing before i hit the hay for the night...
i recently did a guest post over on Vantage Point Vintage's blog.
i'll be doing a guest post every tuesday until august.
for my first post, i talked about my love/obsession for hats.
i even put together a lovely collage for the occasion:

check it out, friends.

have a lovely night, my blogger friends.



  1. Love this Arabella Ramsay collection. That polka dot dress needs to find a way into my wardrobe, stat!

  2. One of my very close friends runs Style Milk! Such a great store. And Arabella is one of my favourite brands they stock :)

  3. I adore lazy nights. They are the best!

    And these clothes are stunning! I really like the polka dress! Beautiful.


  4. ah! beautiful!!! i'd wear that little striped number
    any day of the week ;)
    and i love your new layout!

  5. I am heart-ing every outfit on this post

  6. i saw the guest appeareance, nice :) lovely blog and lovely post. i really all the outfits in the first couple of photos! :)

  7. After a crazy day, one totally deserves a "lazy" night ... but not too lazy cause you found a killer designer {and took the time to share with us!}! Love that brown striped sweater dress :) {I also love the "sale" tip! ... whooo hoooo!}

    xx Cat brideblu

  8. So pretty. Thanks for posting. All of the looks are so simple and classy :D

  9. Hi! I would like to have new blogger friends! I always follow back and i love the feedback = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  10. Christen, gosh...i could see you in any one of those ensembles. they are amazing, love the style of those photo shoots too.

    oooo, i adore hats, gonna check out your guestage STAT! ♥

  11. I love these outfits :D The dress with the uneven hem the top high and the back lower, the grey smooth dress is amazing.

  12. Hey lovely, yes Liss from Daydream Lily is one of my very good friends! Also I am excited to see that today we both feature in the same edition of Hello Blogosphere on The Upside of Wonder. How lovely :)

  13. Crap, I was signed in the with the wrong account haha sorry!

  14. The tassel jacket is simply divine! <3 And I love the gorgeous prints used!


  15. Ah, straw hats!! Can not get enough of them in the summer. I completely understand your love/obsession.

    Chic on the Cheap

  16. love love love this
    thankyou for your gorgeous comment.
    i'm following :)


  17. So lovely. Thanks for posting. And for leaving me a nice comment. Definitely following you right back. Your blog is gorgeous :D