i wore this outfit the other day.
i found this amazing sweater at a boutique in St. Louis.
it's from Wildfox Couture.

i went to the grocery store in this outfit, and had a funny moment.
i'm sure most of you have experienced "outfit comment" moments (especially if you live in a small-ish town like i do)
i was walking past the bread aisle when a lady stopped me and exclaimed, "the 80s are back in style!!"
my response was, "haha...well, at least in my world...for sure!"
it was kind of funny.

do any of you have silly/awkward/funny "outfit comment" stories?
i sure hope so. i'd love to have some laughs over them!

outfit details"
sweater - Wildfox
skirt - borrowed
tights - Target
shoes - Aldo

i loved wearing this. it's so comfy.
and the weather has been so hot/cold lately...it's nice to have a cozy sweater handy for chilly evening bonfires.

now i'm off to shoot the breeze for the rest of the day.
i worked this morning (actually, still sitting at work with my friend Alayna!),
so i'm ready for a relaxing evening off.

i hope everyone is having a perfect tuesday.
mine has been pretty fantastic so far.


ps. you look lovely today, i'm sure.
pps. i was featured on The 18th Edition of 'Hello, Blogosphere'. Pretty fun. Check it out ;)


  1. Cute top, looks comfy too. I often get called a print girl as I'm usually mixing prints... I quite like that though as I design prints fora living too!


  2. I looove your sweater, and the way you styled your outfit! super cute! your porch is very lovely and inspirational too :) I'm dying to have a little front porch one day.

  3. Maybe you don't mean awkward by "funny" moments but I have lots of awkward compliment moments. If I ever have something to reply with immediately, its sure to be awkward. I think people don't get my sense of humor, or my humor is just really silly. Or both.

    I don't have an example. I do wish we lived closer cause it'd happen often in front of you. Haha.

    Hope you're doing great Christen!

  4. You look adorable :) I do have a good outfit story as well..

    My friends and I went to Africa a few years ago and at one part of the trip we were in a supermarket in a town of about 5, 000. A lady stopped us and said, "you're not from here are you?" and we said we were from NZ and she said "oh i thought you were Americans, you look like people off tv!" haha.

  5. I get a lot for my various glasses. Funniest was when a drunk guy hit on me for like 15 minutes talking about glasses.

    second funniest when someone at a party took them thinking they were fake and tried to walk off.

  6. my hometown is st. louis. too bad i missed out on such a cool shop. love your outfit.

  7. i love this look <3
    esp love the top ,
    it so cute >__<
    and you look adorable :)


  8. I loooove that jumper! The big heart is so cute. You have such a nice style ♥

    I have lots of comments on my outfits, luckily most of them are nice ones. I had a customer at work tell me I should work in fashion because 'you always have the most interesting outfits!', and when I wore a Mori Girl style dress to work for casual day an old lady said I looked 'like a little fairy'. Awww!

    I think the best time was when I was pushing my bike along, wearing a floral summery dress, and a lady stopped me to say I 'look like a little French girl'~ It always makes me tell people if I love what they're wearing (even though I'm so shy) because it is such a nice feeling!

  9. Gorgeous! I love that top. You look beautiful. :)

    And I have had HEAPS of comments on these little $5.00 shoes I bought ages ago. People kept saying "cute shoes" and I was like thanks :D

    And then one time I was at the doctors and a little girl (probably about 5 years old) said "mummy, I like those girls shoes!"

    lol! So funny how people comment.


  10. ha that is too funny! I live in a small town now too and definitely get some looks sometimes but hey, whatever, we look cute!

    Love the hoodie! :)



  11. so fun- love the feathers in your hair!

  12. I soo soo love this look. this is very cute!
    xoxo asiahlynn now following you

  13. That sweatshirt is fab. Love your grocery store tale too... who knew you could run into such comedy in the ketchup aisle? Love it x

  14. You look so chic & gorgeous in your outfit! Love the top with the leggings!

  15. Love this sweater..but for a split second I thought it was a cut out and that you were naked..lol I don't know why...

    Janette, the Jongleur

  16. Hahaa, at least the woman was being nice I suppose! I get a lot of awkward comments about my height - even after 21 years I haven't thought of a good comeback! x

  17. oh, I completely adore this outfit! it's amazing that you rock your clothes, not your clothes rock you :) you're brilliant! ♥

  18. Your shirt is freaking AWESOME! I love the gigantic heart!!


  19. Fabulous outfit!!

    I love the sweater ♥ but the whole outfit is great!!!

    You hair is gorgeous and I love ALL the details of this look!

    Virginie ♥

  20. I have a large gold bow ring and the other day someone said "it looks like your are trying to bring brass knuckles back in style". Which was really awkward, I had no idea brass knuckles were ever in style. What do you say that?

    p.a. your sweater looks fab

  21. hahah, yes actually! there was this one time (probably last year, the time when i was totally obsessed with bright colours) where i just felt like throwing on everything i had in my closet and go to school. and when i was walking, i heard someone behind me ask his friend "Is today mix-match day? Am I forgetting it's spirit week? cause look at that girl..." Hahahah, lame story but thanks fo listening. lol, lovely outfit though! <3 hearts are awesome! Have a wonderful day, and can't wait for your next post :)

    xoxo Tami at tamijam.blogspot.com

  22. Love your shoes!


  23. what lovely style- i love how you pared the lace tights with the sweater- a bit of elegance + a more sporty sweater= a pretty sweet outfit. nice to meet you.


  24. i have definitely never seen a shirt like that!! admittedly at first it looked like a giant heart shaped hole! lol - fun to shock people no?

  25. ha, "at least in my world!" oh the eighties will never die, in my opinion. love your blog girl, just started following! super cute photos :)


  26. your wildfox top is beautiful! i love how it has a hood too. and how you paired it with those tights. so chic! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  27. oh my gosh, i LOVE that sweater so much! you look absolutely darling and the story about being stopped in the store was hilarious. although, this re-working of 80's influence is styled in a completely modern and uber cool way thanks to your fine ass fashion sense.

    most of my funny clothing stories come from the boyf, who always adds his 2 cents. they don't hold much water with me though, i like to change it up and vintage-ize sometimes, therefore a little Laura Ingalls or "are you wearing dead peoples clothes" comments roll off my back now ; )

    happy new week wishes love. cheers!!! ♥

  28. i love your photos, they're lovely. YOur outfit was pretty rad too :)

  29. I have always been a big fan of Wild Fox stuff, love your style girl! your lace tights are brilliant. x