Hound: Chicago-Based Beauty

[hound] via [but, honestly]

i stumbled upon Hound's 2010 Fall Collection a few months ago, but i was silly and didn't bookmark it!
so i completely forgot the name of the company.
but, lucky for me, i came across them yet again via but, honestly
it's great to have such beauty based so close to home (chicago is only 45 minutes from me).

and how incredibly gorgeous is their summer collection?
it's making me swoon. and it's making me appreciate this hot weather even more.
soon enough we'll be buried under snow!

looking at these images makes me realize how much i truly love summer.
and, quite honestly, i love every season change we get here (although winter could be a bit shorter!).

i hope you found as much beauty in these photos as i did!

timothy and i are off to go grocery shopping...not one of my favorite things to do ;)
but we're going to treat ourselves to sushi and dark chocolate.
so all is well!

love you(s).


  1. Oh my goodness, gorgeous photography! Thanks for sharing those=) I personally adore winter and the fashion that comes along with it (I'm more of a pants and long sleeves kind of girl) and I'm pretty jealous that you get snow where you live! Love your blog, enjoy the sushi! Nom.

  2. so so so pretty :) I hate grocery shopping too but chocolate makes anything worthwhile!

  3. wow these are so pretty... perfect lighting!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. Sooo pretty!!! I am going to check it out!

  5. thanks for sharing! These pictures are gorgeous and I love the style. Fantastic!

  6. Beautiful lookbook images thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoyed your yummy sounding dinner :)

  7. WOW,these pictures are simply amazing!!!The lookbook is adorable, full of inspiration,love it!Thanks for sharing!

  8. ooh yes! when I saw them I fell in love too!


  9. the collection = marvelous but i think i kinda-sorta wanna marry that girl ; )

    i like your grocery shopping reward strategy, nice one! ♥