out there havin' fun in the warm indiana sun.

here are some photos from the other night.
we went for a walk around dusk.
which, by the way, is my absolute favorite time of day.

i wore a simple, comfy outfit.
i kind of laughed at this shirt when i first found it,
but soon realized that i actually loved it!
i don't know if that happens to anyone else,
but it happens to me quite a bit for some reason!

then i realized that it reminds me of a shirt that i had when i was about 6.
my twin sister noticed the first time she saw me wearing it.
it's funny how i subconsciously loved it because of a shirt i had when i was younger.
strange, right?

oh, and casey was there being cute as ever.

shirt: thrifted, tunic: american apparel, tights: target, shoes: thrifted, clutch: thrifted, rings: romwe

today i get to hang out with my sister.
we both have a day off together, which is rare these days!

happy thursday, friends!

love you(s),


  1. You look so cute!! Love the outfit!

  2. Hey lady did you get my email the other day? Hope I got your address right!!

    Lovely post as always, you look cute, love how you've done your nails!!

  3. Cute Cute outfit! I love it. <3

    ~Ruth (ruthrmay.com)

  4. your shirt is so cute, and i love your hair. also, thought id let you know since you have to click and enter a separate commenting pg it never lets me in bloglovin! its so weird!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. Love your hair and manicure, it's so pretty!

  6. Such a pretty outfit! I love how you've styled your hair. And I've been doing an 'odd one out' type of manicure like that lately too, it's fun!

    I had some of those worry dolls that are on your shirt when I was little :)

  7. Such a cute top! Love it! And you look amazing!

    Have a great weekend lovely. :)


  8. OH! I'm a fellow dusk lover! And I love that shirt too!

    Have a happy weekend!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  9. love your hair color and that shirt is way cute!hope you can stop by my blog for some +vibes and inspiration :) XO

  10. Simple yet it's cute how you match it.

  11. Your hair is so effortlessly pretty like that! And such a cute puppy :)


  12. Very creative blog! love your DIY Projects:)