california adventure

i've been up in northern california for the couple days.
my mom, sister, and i are having a grand californian adventure!
we're going to see an amazing country/blues singer, Bonnie Raitt.
and it's so special because Bonnie is one of my mom's all time favorite artists.
my brother, sister, and i grew up listening to her music.
so i'm so happy to be sharing such a beautiful experience this weekend!
and it's always so nice to come back to california.
we grew up in southern california, so coming back is like a little slice of home.

i thought i'd pop in and share a fun little outfit.
these were taken back in indiana.
you might recognize the lovely window of my sister's apartment!
it's quickly becoming one of my favorite outfit shot locations.

i'm off to enjoy the beautiful california weather now :)
hope you're all having a beautiful weekend.

ps. the beautiful Amanda from Here Comes the Sun featured me & Tim on her "Bloggers and Their Husbands" feature!
her blog is sooooo amazing. check it out it you haven't already.

happy saturday!


  1. Love the polka dot blouse, it's lovely <3

  2. i love your shirt and your gorgeous bow!! have fun on your vacation :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. oh, polka dots: how I love thee. (haha) Lovely outfit. <3

    ~Ruth (ruthrmay.com)

  4. black and white polka dots + red lips are the best couple ever :D you look beautiful :)
    have a great trip! ♥

  5. I love your outfit! That bow is too cute!

    I hope you all have a wonderful trip ♥

  6. How lovely is that hair bow?? :) the entire outfit is so cute, I especially like the polka dot blouse!


  7. Looking gorgeous, the delicate polka dot blouse is just perfect!

    x Marcella


  8. I'm from california! Haha, anyways though my favorite favorite piece in this outfit is definitely the bow in your hair. It is absolutely beautiful. :) I haven't been blogging lately..but now i'm back! Thanks, and can't wait for your next post!

    xoxo Tami at Tamijam.blogspot.com

  9. Oh gosh.
    I LOVE IT!
    The shirt, the bow.. Perfect!

  10. Great photos - love the polka dots!

  11. Beautiful top! I love all things polka dotted ;) And that is a beautiful window to take pictures with. So lovely!

    Belly B :)

  12. HEY!! I never assume that responding to comments on my own blog will get to the person I want it to. I may know how that works better if I knew more about blogging etiquette.

    ANYWAY. I hope they were good tears! Haha, I don't want to assume. Parenting just seems like it'll be such an experiment, you know? I always thought I'd be married till we had a reasonable amount of lovey time without kids, then we'd whisk off into parenting - totally excited and ready. Real life, though truly romantic if you can appreciate it, is absolutely not what I have in my head most often when creating my hopes and dreams. Obviously, that doesnt make it less beautiful, is what Im saying. HA. ...... A friend told me last week I should try harder when speaking to give people a 'meatball' instead of a 'spider-web' of thoughts. This doesn't seem to work for me.

    I love when you share. I think I've already said that. But I'm glad you keep in touch some. I do still plan on sending you something but I don't want to pretend that could happen within the next few months. I would like it to. Haha. ..... Hope you guys are well! Come to Asheville some time!

  13. This outfit really suits you. Sounds like you had a fab time in California... it's def on my list to visit!

    Marisa :)