hello september, i've been waiting for you.

another day of shootin the breeze with my twin!
and have i mentioned this wall is one of my favorites?!
she has filled it with images of things & people she loves.

so, i've been feeling a bit bored with my hair lately.
call it a 'hair rut' if you will.
i've been watching tutorials on vintage styles, and have been experimenting with different looks.
it's been fun...especially since i feel like my hair is the last thing i think about while getting ready.
so it's fun to look up new inspiration for it!

vintage ponytail hairstyle:

i added a sweet hunter gatherer bow.

maybe i'll start posting hair tutorials once i find a few more cute looks ;)

aka: the month that has the first day of fall. soooo let's all jump up and down in celebration.
the end.



  1. I think your hair looks great! Your photos are always awesome. :)

  2. i love your hair like that and the bow is so cute!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. definitely jumping up and down in celebration with you! i even lit my yankee candle company pumpkin candle!!! never to soon, right? haha

    love the hair :) and that wall color is fantastic.

  4. Lovely!

    I'm so happy it's almost autumn! I made a blog post about it too...


  5. Totally unrelated comment here: I really like your profile pic- you look super cute with that haircut!

  6. Beautiful hair! You skin is so clear and bright! I envy you :-) xoxoxoo

  7. I love that sleeveless dress and also the ribbon. It's that already the start of "BER" months and I am looking forward for your upcoming winter clothes. =)

  8. love these pics! your hair looks great!


    Meena ♥

  9. I know this is going to sound so very cliche and generic, but I honestly can't believe how pretty you are. That, plus I love the way you take your photos.

  10. I love the wall, too. I think it looks great.
    And not just the wall - your outfit and hair as well! :)

    Love, Lily
    Lonely Afternoon

  11. oh my gaaaaa, the darling bow and your hairstyle are so awesome! i like trying new looks out, keeps things fresh. hair tutorial gets the thumbs up from me lady!

    your sister's space is obviously filled with a ton of love, the wall color just makes you practically pop off the screen. stunning shots! xoox ♥

  12. Found your blog through Gentri Lee. I love it already! And I would love if you did hair tutorials because I get in a hair rut once every other day. Or something ridiculous like that. I love the vintage pony with the bow!