Music Spotlight - Ashley Brooke Toussant

i've got a super-duper, special surprise in store for you this evening!
a few weeks ago, a lovely lady by the name of Ashley Brooke Toussant (side note: adorable name, right?!)
contacted me about featuring her music on my blog.
after ONE listen, i knew i HAD to share her beautiful tunes.

so take some time to check out these lovely photos & listen to some amazing new music.
because, i don't know about you, but i'm always up for hearing new tunes. especially when they sound like this ;)

images via here's looking at me kid

have a listen!

Head on over to Ashley Brooke Toussant's Bandcamp for some sweet deals that Ashley has been kind enough to share with you guys!

Here are the discount codes:
For a 20% discount, type in "heartsclub"
For a free download of the title track 'sweetheart', type in "twohappyhearts"

AAAANNNDDD....last but not least...she has decided to do a giveaway of her new CD!!
all you have to do is comment below, and a winner will be randomly selected on Saturday, September 24th!

can't wait to declare a winner to a lucky reader!
i hope these lovely tunes have brightened your evening as much as they have brightened mine.

oh, and don't forget to share the love on your own blog!
this girl is sweet as can be and her music deserves to be heard by the world ;)



  1. great coat and cute hat :D
    following you back :)

  2. Aww, I am glad I found your blog and her music in the one go! Loveliness!

    xoxo Mary

  3. a giveaway!! so neat! her style is totally sweet, and I love finding new artists! :)

  4. i love her music & her photos are beautiful! thanks for sharing new artists :)

  5. What a cute girl ... & how nice of you to feature her!
    PS thanks for the sweet comment on my blog.
    Kely xo

  6. i'd like a chance at winning her cd! i'm also a singer/ songwriter/ blogger and am always looking for fellow musicians to support :) x

  7. She is so gorgeous! <3




  8. ohh i'd love some new tunes. she looks lovely!