los angeles, i'm yours

I'm packing up and leaving for LA in the morning!
My Mom, sister, and I always take a trip together, once a year...usually around our birthday.
My twin & I are celebrating our birthday on the 30th of this month, so we're sneaking away for a 'girls only' trip to Los Angeles!

I lived in LA when I was a kid, so a part of my heart has always loved LA and thought of it as home.
We still have lots & lots of family there.
We're planning on making our rounds to said family, going shopping(lots!), eating Pinkberry,
going to the ocean, and soaking up those beautiful mountain views!

This is the little suitcase I'll be taking.
I'm notorious for overpacking...It's almost pathetic actually.
I just throw as much into my suitcase as I can..."just in case"
But lately I've been trying to be a bit smarter with my packing.

I'll give you a little horror story that changed my views on packing:
Rewind 2 years ago.
My sister & I were flying out to New Zealand to spend time with the boys we would end up marrying.
We, of course, had to pack our whole lives into our suitcases.
We had to have the perfect outfits for the perfect dates with the perfect guys, right?!
On our way home, the airline wouldn't let us take all of our luggage!! It weighed too much.
So we had to leave an entire suitcase behind!
And, you know what...that suitcase is awaiting our return. Still in New Zealand.
Like I said. Pathetic.

Anyway, I was just laughing at myself today as I packed...thinking of the ridiculous NZ scenario.
Thought I'd share that with all you overpackers ;)

I'll try my best to do a couple updates while I'm in California.
If not, I'll be back on Friday!

love you(s), Christen


  1. Have so much fun! I really want to live out there one day! I am also very bad at packing only necessary items. :) -Lo

  2. ohhh that's awful. It's always bad not getting your luggage or it getting lost, etc. because you always pack your most favorite things!

  3. I can't wait to hear about your trip! Have a blast!! :] And seriously, I need warnings like that because I ALWAYS overpack! Haha.

  4. What a funny story! I just love your suitcase! I've always wanted to get some cute, vintage luggage!

  5. I have always been an over-packer. I will keep your story in mind, next time I pack!
    Xo Chloe.

  6. You're gonna be in my neighborhood!!! Sort of! Be safe and hope you packed some warm stuff. I think it's gonna be a little on the chilly side.. Oh wait...What I think is chilly may not really be chilly at all... Nevermind! Have a fun and safe trip and happy 30th! WOO HOO!!!!

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. BIIIIIG bummer about NZ...I'm an under packer. Can you believe that?

  7. girl trips are the best....sister trips are even better!!! have fun and happy (soon to be) birthday pretty lady <3

  8. Have so much fun!
    Take a look at my blog, and if you like it follow me, I’ll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  9. I'm an overpacker as well! Have fun, and happy almost birthday! xo

  10. That's so funny, I am not an over packer, but I have been on a few trips with friends that have had to take out clothes right there on the airport cause their bags weighted too much! So funny hahaha. I hope you have the greatest time in LA!

  11. oh miss christen..

    i'm definitely procrastinating working and reading your blog instead (naturally) and came across this beaut. jord and i were packing up our bags for christmas last night and i figured we could fit christmas gifts in one bag, and mine and his clothes in one. Wrong. by the time i finished packing the christmas gifts, he'd already filled a whole suitcase with his clothes, and naturally, his shoes.

    Oh our lovely kiwi boys. <3
    Merry Christmas to you and Tim. we love you guys and hopefully get to see you this coming year.