extra fancy

I was feeling a little extra fancy today,
so I put on this fun number I picked up from H&M in California.
It's such a pretty, delicate, 60s-inspired silhouette.
I couldn't pass it up!

I paired it with a black faux-fur collar I found hidden away in my closet.
Aren't clothing re-discoveries the best?!
I was pretty stoked with how perfect it looked with the dress.

Timothy & I snapped these photos while walking our pup, Casey.
The sun was shining bright...but don't let it fool you!
It was pretty chilly today.
And guess what?! We officially had our very first snow this afternoon!
And so it begins, I suppose ;)

Enough chatter though! Here is an extra fancy outfit for ya:

Dress: H&M, Collar: Thrifted (I think!), Tights: Vera Wang, Wedges: Aldo, Red Coat: F21

I had a beautiful day today.
I hope you did, as well.


ps. Tomorrow is 11-11-11! Go do something fun & make lots of wishes.
It's one of my best friend's 23rd birthday tomorrow..lucky gal. She'll be celebrating on one of the most magical days of the year.


  1. Oh my gosh! This outfit is my favorite! I love everything about it! Someday we need to go shopping together so you can give me fashion advice! :)

  2. 1. You're beautiful
    2. the red coat has me swooning.
    3. great fall/winter-ish outfit!

  3. Your coat, your outfit, everything is so perfect! You're beautiful!

  4. I loooove rediscovering stuff! Just found this sweater vest thingy today... but obviously not as cute as that faux fur thing! I need one of those!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  5. wow this is beautiful! I LOVE the dress and the whole outfit! So jealous about the snow, we don't have it here... At all haha :)

  6. Anything lace is always fancy! I love this! Especially with the red coat! Gorgeous!

  7. i LOVE this outfit! the faux fur collar is amazing!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. I *love* how this outfit looks! I've been searching high & low for a dress just like this, and it looks perfect with the black collar.

  9. cute and classy! I like how stark the colors are against each other.

  10. I love the gorgeous lace with the fur collar! And the juxtaposition of the black and white! Gorgeous! :)

  11. Such a great post.
    i´ll be back soon. Take some time and check out muy blog.

  12. Just stunning! LOVE this outfit on you. xx

  13. you are so pretty doll! I love this red coat on you. lovely styling job :) these photos are awesome.


  14. Cute dress!


  15. Your outfit is so awesome!

  16. sensational! gosh girl, i did have to do some major catch-ups but it's been such a pleasure. this outfit is d-vine!!! who knew the lining of your coat looked like that? i died over it in an earlier post but now seeing its insides i die a bit more!

    1st snow fall? that's hugely exciting, i almost convinced the boyf to drive me up to the mountains this weekend just to get a glimpse of the white stuff, but instead we watched a xmas program on teevz. humpf! ah well, here's hoping we all get a good hit of it this year, watching snow fall is pure magic. xo ♥