november blue

I took these photos the other day while my husband Tim was at work.
With daylight savings time in full swing, he's been getting home after the sun goes down.
So I took it upon myself to try out some self-portraits.
I set up a tripod in my living room & played around with the pretty sunshine beaming through the windows.
Pretty fun!

And I tried out a pretty scarf tutorial I found from Hello, It's Valentine.

shirt: gift from my sis
skirt, scarft, belt & boots: thrifted

I love going out & having fun with outfit shots with Tim or my sister,
but this was fun too.
I think I'll try out some more self-done outfit shots this week.
Does anyone else do your own outfit shots?
Any good tips/tricks?

Have a beautiful Monday!

xo, Christen


  1. you are absolutely gorgeous!! i *love* your hair and your headband. lovely girl.


  2. love love love your eye makeup! gorgeous girl. and that outfit looks so sweet & sophisticated...but still cozy.

  3. They came out really nice, well done! I adore the stripe skirt and the headband for sure!!

    I take my pictures with a tripod and remote and I've come to prefer it because then I'm my own artistic director and don't have to wait for someone else. I find it gives me more freedom.

    Seems like you are off to a really good start already! And doing the two will give you a lot of latitude.

    Virginie ♥

  4. I love this outfit! And those scarf tutorials from Hello, It's Valentine are awesome! I keep trying the turban one but I haven't gotten brave enough to wear it out of my house yet! Haha. This one looks so cute on you though! Also, your house is gorgeous! I love how much sunlight you get!

  5. I love your outfit :) And also I love it when you take pictures inside and I get a little sneaky glance into your adorable home!!

  6. Totally impressed with your self portrait self timer action in these photos. The light is just fabulous

  7. the things I love about this post:
    - your outfit, especially the skirt
    - the wall behind you, so lovely!
    - the editing/lighting

    basically, everything! ;)

  8. amazing pics! we are crazy about your skirt!!


  9. These looks great! I must admit, self portraits are a fave past time of mine when the hubs isn't home, so I feel ya sista.

  10. love your blog - just found it! those boots are so cute and your living room is so pretty! :D xo

  11. gorgeous outfit, love the hair x

  12. familiar greetings and good luck always

  13. familiar greetings and good luck always

  14. wonderful outfit, dear! i love your

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  15. Love your outfit! The colors are so perfect for fall!


  16. do you use actions on your photos? if so, which one?

  17. i did! i used Troy from "Totally Rad Actions"...although i turned the contrast & extra warming layers off.

  18. I really love your outfit! That skirt is amazing!

  19. okay. you're my new favorite blogger.